Thicker than Water addresses Res’s relationship with their aging father.

“That I want to describe such a personal body of work as being, above all, formalist is a testament to the complexity of Res’s images. Rarely is anything where you expect it to be: a man’s face disappears behind the sparring shadows of sports trophies; an eerie, cloud-dappled sky peers down at a bleak and cluttered desk; aged skin emerges from behind the shimmering, out-of-focus loops of a chandelier. This formal rigor is essential to the sense we get that this is a family album turned deliberately on its head. The tropes are gone—the birthday parties, the posed and smiling faces—and they’re replaced with pieces of suburban banality that Res has transformed into scenes both unsettling and ecstatic. If the family album is, as Corrine Fitzpatrick writes in her essay introducing Res’s work, “a family telling itself the story of itself,” then these images conspire to blow the narrative possibilities of the contemporary family wide open.” - Sylvie McNamara, The Paris Review

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